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Leonardo Ortega
Leonardo Ortega
1 year ago

I chose this broker because I tested their web platform on a demo account and was completely satisfied with the results. The main thing here is that it allows to trade Forex differently. I decide how my trades should be – risky or safe. I choose a multiplier value and fixed amount and enter the market as a very risky guy or a newbie who doesn’t want to lose a lot. It’s very suitable and allow to adapt to constantly changing market.

1 year ago

There is a pretty fascinating system of multiplicators. It’s just a real substitution of classic leverages and actually they work the same way. In my opinion, it’s much easier to use multiplicators because it seemed to me that it’s easier to calculate potential income or loss in case of incorrect analysis. 

11 months ago

I got a true desire to continue trading here. I already learned the basics of FTT. I practiced everything on a demo account, then it took me two months to test it in practice. I see what worked fine and what needed improvements. Of course, it all was impossible without this broker and its cutting-edge platform.   

Aw Gun Lim
Aw Gun Lim
10 months ago

Olymp trade is an awesome broker which suits perfectly well for those traders who are making their first steps in trading. 
It is all due to its outstanding educational center which is full of incredibly useful information about the financial markets and trading strategies which should be used in trading. I for one found there so many explanations of different trading strategies and I should say that the more trading strategies I learned, the better trading results I had. So, that is a direct correlation between knowledge and trading results.

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